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Aerobic & Fitness Week by Fitness First and Patricio Travel in Ali Bey Club Manavgat from 14.09. – 21.09.2014

18 international presenters offered more than 100 courses and seminars during the Jubilee - Event week to a record number of 272 fitness enthusiasts.

Aerobic & Fitness Week September 2014 - group picture
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What could be better than sun, sea, palm trees, sports and fun? This is probably what the 272 participants, who took part in the Fitness First Aerobic & Fitness Week in September 2014, thought to themselves. In the 10th edition, the Aerobic & Fitness Week, was once again a full on success.

The anticipation for the event, presented by the partners- Patricio Travel, Fitness First, Ali Bey and Reebok - was already to be felt on Saturday. Gradually, more and more participants gather in the reception area of the Fitness First Studio of Ali Bey Club Manavgat. Every participant received an event folder with important information about the week and a Reebok sports bag at check-in.

AFW September 2014 (22)  AFW September 2014 (19)

The event schedule included something for everybody - from Basic Step classes to Step-A-Jam or Basic Aerobics to Zumba classes. The popular dance classes, "Port de Bras" or "Dirty Dancing" were not to be missed. Furthermore people were able to join H.I.T. and H.I.C. classes taught by Fitz. In addition, cycling classes were offered several times during the day.
The official launch was on Monday morning at the "Get Together". Here all the presenters and the organizers were presented by chief organizer Jutta Schuhn.

After her speech the popular event shirts from Reebok were distributed and off everybody went to the first classes of the day "Step Around" with Anton Todorov and "Hot Iron 1" with Ralf Kunzler.

A great success was also the "Welcome Party" on Monday evening, which took place on the Small Area. Here, the team of Ali Bey has once again outdone themselves and conjured a great atmosphere for the party. With cocktail bar and dance performance by the Ali Bey Show Team – everything came together beautifully to make it a night to remember. DJ Ferhat made the party guests dance with his beats. All had a great time and the party was the perfect "start" for a week of fun, sport and great memories.

AFW September 2014 (17)  AFW September 2014 (18)

"Fitz′s Lifestyle Challenge" was part of the September event once again. Here, participants had the opportunity to register during the week in order to compete against each other during the Team Teach on Friday afternoon. After an exciting race the winners were determined and were announced at the Gala Dinner.

1. Place Erik Hunter / Elin Winsens Sundsbarm - Spa voucher
2. Place Robert Friedrich / Sandra Veith - Adventure Park vouchers
3. Place Dominik Rapp / Janina Steen - 1 bottle of champagne

After that the winner of the Miles Contest were determined.

1. Place Elin Winsens Sundsbarm - 1 participation for the Aerobic & Fitness Week + REEBOK shoes
2. Place Tobias Lindner - REEBOK shoes
3. Place Manila Kyburz - Fitness First backpack

AFW September Team Teach 2014 (3)After the Team Teach it was time to go to the room and get dressed for THE highlight of the week - the gala evening!!! This special night took place in one of the beach restaurants. The restaurant was festively decorated and offered the perfect location to relax after the successful week. After dinner, the party started with a dance performance by Laurent and his "Shall We Dance" class, as well as a "Dirty Dancing" showpiece with Jutta, Pierre and the participants. It was an unforgettable evening, with lots of great people.

On Saturday it was time "say goodbye" for some of the participants. The majority of the guests, however, stayed at Ali Bey. Sadly, one could feel the "farewell mood" in the air. But many left with one thought, they will be back next year to experience another Fitness week - a week full of sports and fun at Ali Bey Club Manavgat with Fitness First Germany and Patricio Travel.

The next "Fitness First Aerobic & Fitness Week" will take place from 10.05. – 17.05.2015 at Ali Bey Club Manavgat.

The Patricio Travel team wishes all participants a nice winter and we are looking forward to welcoming many familiar faces and hopefully some new ones coming May 2015.

Under the service hotline 01803/348 266 or under the complete holiday package including the Fitness First Aerobic & Fitness Week can be requested and booked at Patricio Travel. For all questions concerning the event and the trip, the Patricio Travel Team will be glad to help you.

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