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Fitness Events 2014

Fitness- and health training is our second major sport. Wake up classes on the beach, Fitness Night Party, Capoeira Fit or the legendary Fitness miles contest – these are only some of the highlights, which are to be expected during the Aerobic- and Fitness weeks by Fitness First at Ali Bey Club Manavgat.

Our cooperation partner Fitness First is going to host its second Freestyle Week with three essential elements – training, regeneration and nutrition.

2014 can be your fitness year.  To get into shape we present numerous new fitness events:

  • Fiesta Week feat. Zumba fitness
    Are you ready to dance yourself fit? That is the point of the Zumba fitness program. Dance styles such as Samba, Salsa, and Calypso will make you sweat, make you lose unnecessary pounds and forget about the daily stress.
  • International bodyART and fitness holidays
    The integrated training is based on a mixture of Oriental enchantment, American training concept and Chinese medicine. The training understands the human being as an entity of body, mind and soul.
  • Yoga and Hiking at the Ali Bey Resort Sorgun
    Matutinal yoga sessions are going to revive your body and mind. After breakfast you will be able to explore your inner peace and the external stimuli of the Taurus on various walking routes.
  • Detox event at the Ali Bey Resort Sorgun
    Detoxication and purification are the main focus of this special health week. The body weight will be reduced, the skin will be cleansed and your batteries will be recharged.  At the end of this event you will literally feel like a newborn.

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