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ITF Seniors Tournament - Grade 2

9th International adidas Seniors Open
by Bluesun Hotels

Sun, Sea and exciting Matches

541 matches in 6 days, first class tennis and a smooth tournament organization - everything went well in the 9th edition of the popular seniors tournament from 27 September - 02 October in Bol / Croatia.


9th Int. adidas Senior Open - Gruppenbild
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The adidas Bol Senios Open took place for the ninth time on the island of Brac / Croatia. A lot of tennis players have marked the event in their schedules and some of them already celebrated their 9th participation. Despite the intimate and familiar atmosphere, the ITF-Grade 2 event became a little more international this year and the number of participants grew steadily throughout the years. Players from Canada and even Australia travelled to Croatia to be part of the tournament. This year players from 27 different countries entered for the tournament. German was the “language of the tournament”, because a majority of more than 100 players came from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. 12 players came from the host nation Croatia. A big growth of participants came from Poland. Over 50 players participated from Poland this year. Altogether 350 players registered for the tournament.

The tournament organization with referee Thorsten Thiele and tournament director Sabine Schmitz and Eberhard Mensing mastered the numbers of participants. The matches of all 16 competitions were numbered. So everybody could play without any delays. From Sunday on more than 100 matches were played each day on 20 tournament courts. The first round matches started at 09:00 a.m. daily. The sun was shining just in time for the tournament start and secured comfortable temperatures for the tennis players. The good weather kept going the whole tournament week and therefore no matches had to be delayed or canceled. Some tennis matches were finished late in the evening under floodlights.

A lot of the guests arrived on Friday and Saturday to settle in and get ready for the week. At the tournament check-in desk all participants received an adidas event t-shirt and a Patricio present. After the first showdowns on Sunday were over, it was time for music and fun in the evening. At first a show act was presented by the animation team from the Bluesun hotels on court 1. Afterwards, the welcome speech was delivered by presenter Astrid Jacoby. After the introduction of the tournament team the tournament was officially declared open with the Croatian national anthem. At the welcome party at the tennis center the participants had the chance to get to know each other by a glass of wine and live-music. They talked about their experiences and speculated about tournament favorites.

A total of 541 matches were played during the 6 days of the tournament and about 2100 tennis balls were used. For each match the tournament team prepared a basket with water, bananas and towels. The high number of scheduled matches shows that each player could gain a lot of tournament experience while staying in Bol: in the main draw, in the consolation draw and in the B – tournament, which was offered to the losers of the main – and consolation draw. About one third of the players were registered for the B – tournament. Including Doubles and Mixed, each guest could play several matches – unlike any other seniors tournament. The extensive tournament experience is one of the success factors of the Patricio ITF seniors events.

The festive highlight of the week was the “Players Night” on Tuesday night. At 8:30 p.m. the Grand Hotel Elaphusa invited everybody to a ceremonial Gala Dinner. The guests were greeted by tournament director Sabine Schmitz and the tournament team including player representatives Radomila Martinicova and the Göran Sundh. A cake in shape of a tennis court was made especially for the special evening. After dinner, the guests celebrated and they danced the night away with live music.

In this year there were two new aspects in the event program of the tournament week: On Wednesday afternoon there was a Barbeque offered to the participants on the green in front of the tennis office. Apart from the delicious food there was music playing along for good vibrations. The participants could choose between burgers and Cevapcici. Also beverages were offered.  

On the next day there was an opportunity for a wine tasting in a historical wine cellar in Bol with a guide. Interested people drove from the Hotel Elaphusa to town at 9:00 pm. n a little mini train. On their way to “Bol by Night” the sea of lights put the guests into the right mood.

On Friday the finals of the singles and the doubles categories of the 9th Int. adidas Bol Seniors Open were scheduled on 4 show courts with stands. On Thursday the first doubles finals were already played in several categories.

Other highlights of the events:

Womens 40:
Since the youngest womens  category 35 couldn’t be realized, the youngest womens category was the womens 40, which was played in a Round Robin of four participants. Top favorite Monika Biernat (POL) won the category against runner- up Egle Jurkeviciene (LTU).

Womens 45:
The strong player Natalia Harina-Beckmann (GER) [1] entered into the final easily. There she met unseeded player Beate Alhauser (GER). She had to fight for the entrance in the final against Danijela Todorovic (SRB) with 3 sets in the semi-final. But against Harina-Beckmann she didn’t have a chance anymore.  Last year’s champion won the finals with 6:2 and 6:2.

Womens 50:
In the 32 main draw, the top seeded player Iwona Wojsyk (POL) was beaten in the semi-final against Kveta Eichlerova (CZE) with 4:6 and 1:6. It was easier for the Italian Constanza Greco [2]. In the end she won her category with 6:4 and 6:3 against Eichlerova.

Womens 55:
Sabine Schmitz (GER) [1] the tournament director and last year’s winner, competed in the well seeded draw of the womens 55. She won again in her age group. In the final she met her team mate Dagmar Anwar (GER) [3]. In the semifinal, Anwar who is well known for her long high balls, defeated the second seeded German Gabriele Seubert with 6:2 and 6:2. However, she was beaten by the tournament director with 4:6 and 3:6.

Womens 60:
In this category the top favorites lost very early in the tournament. Radomila Martinicova (CZE) [1] lost in the quarter final against Hildegard Bruggraber (AUT) [5] in 3 sets. Renate Haubner (AUT) [2] was defeated by the unseeded German Ingrid Bauwens in the second round in 3 sets. The final was between Hildegard Bruggraber and Reinhilde Adams (GER) [4]. At the score of 4:1 for Bruggraber, she got injured at the knee and had to retire.

Woman 65:
Since favorite Luise Moser (AUT) had injured herself in the semi-final and retired against Alena Klein (GER) [3],there were two German players as opponents in the finals. Christine Hameister [2] won clearly her entrance to the final against Wanda Narojek (POL) with 6:0 and 6:0, but couldn´t make it against Alena Klein in the finals. Alena Klein won 6:2 and 6:3.

Womens 70:
The winner was Zsofia Garaguly from Austria in a round-robin round of five participants. She took part at the Int. adidas Seniors Open for the first time and was one of the top seeded favorites of the age category. Brigitte Hoffmann from Germany was the runner-up in the womens 70.

Mens 35:
Last year’s winner Jan Duba (CZE) [6] won in the final against his fellow countryman Pavel Rojek [8]. Duba was able to get through the semi-final against the players representative Lucian Mihailescu (ROU) [7] with 6:2 and 6:4. Rojek had an easier time winning the semi-final against the unseeded player Dejan Radenkovic (FRA) with 6:1 and 6:1 .

Mens 40:
Even though other finalists were suspected to play in the final according to the  seeding of the 32 main draw, it was like in the year 2012. Ivan Herz (SVK) [6] and the Croatian Kresimir Ritz [8] defeated all their opponents. Once again the two players offered an exciting match for position one, as expected, which lasted several hours in a 3 set match on court 1. With many spectators on the stands, at the fence and the surrounding green areas, the victory went to Ivan Herz this year. At the beginning of this year’s tennis season, he already took part in the Grade1 Int. Wilson Seniors Open tournament in Turkey. The icing on the cake was his victory in Croatia with 6:2, 6:7 [6] and 6:3 and 6:0. The two top seeded Rumanian players Sorin Donescu (ROU) and Dan Groza lost the semi-finals before in two straight sets.  

Mens 45:
In this draw there was a repetition of the final 2013. Again, the two German players  fought for the final in the mens 45. Stefan Samweber [1] was able to win with 6:2 and 6:2 against Volker Marzenell. On the way to the final Marzenell beat again his opponent Robert Peske (POL) [2] and afterwards the number three seeded Serbian Janicijevic in the semi-final.   

Mens 50:
Number 1 seeded Italian Angelo Tanganelli was again in the final of the men 50 like last year. This year his opponent was the Polish Ireneusz Maciocha[2]. Both players could defeat their opponents in the 64 main draw with two sets. Last year’s winner Tanganelli could continue his winning series with 6:2 and 6:2.

Mens 55:
Last years finalists met again. Joakim Berner (FIN), winner of 2013 couldn’t defend his title. In the final he was defeaten by the Milan Skonc (SVK)[2] with 7:6 and 6:1. The other seeded players couldn’t fulfill the expectations. The semi-final was reached only by the number 7 seeded player Rogowski and the unseeded Alois Posch (AUT).

Mens 60:
For the first time the Scandinavian players speaker Göran Sundh (SWE) [1] took part at the Int. adidas Seniors Open in BOl and won his category at his premier. In the final he defeated the Italian Donato Abbatessa [5] smoothly with 6:3 and 6:2. Sundh was also able to win the doubles tournament together with his fellow countryman Svante Bjork. In spring 2015 the Swedish will take part in the 12th Int. Wilson Seniors Open in the middle of April in the Ali Bey Club Manavgat as player’s speaker and experienced tournament player.

Mens 65:
The winner of the category mens 60 from 2013 played at the men 65 for the first time. Marjan Furlan (SLO) never lost more than 2 games on his way to the final. In the final he met the Czech Jiri Tamas[4]. In the semi-final Tamas defeated the number two seeded Rumanian Valentin Raus in 3 sets with 4:6, 6:3 and 1:6. In the final, which took 3 sets, Tamas was defeated by Furlan with 3:6, 6:2 and 1:6.

Mens 70:
In 2013 the final of this age category was challenged by two Hungarian players. Levente Bakonyi [2] was the champion. His openent in the final 2014 was Peter Peczely[4]. After Bakonyi had won his first set in a tie-break with 7:6 (7), he had to give up with at the score of 2:4. Therefore, the victory went to Peter Peczely [4] who also won against the top seeded players representative Johannes Mühlenburg from Austria, who also won because his opponent gave up.

Mens 75:
With 8 registered participants this category could be realized as a full 8 main draw. As expected, the top seeded players Klaus-Jürgen Klein (GER )[1] and Frantisek Cech (CZE) [2] met each other in the final and played a long 3 set match. The victory went to the Czech with 1:6, 6:4 and 6:3.

To conclude the week, there was an award ceremony in the night club of the Bluesun Grand Hotel Elaphusa. The number 1 and number 2 of each age category received a tennis ball made of marble, gift certificates from Bluesun and price money. The winners of the doubles and mixed doubles also received valuable rewards. The winners of the consolation draw and the B-tournament received vouchers from Patricio Travel.

After the award ceremony, 3 winners were drawn from all players, who handed in their filled in questionnaire from their tournament brochure. They received vouchers for the tournament next year.

The tournament team is looking forward to meeting every guest and participant again next year at the 10th international adidas Bol Seniors Open from the 27th of September until the 2nd of October 2015.

In preparation for our anniversary tournament next year, we kindly ask all the players who participated at the tournament already 9 times, to contact Patricio Travel soon.

Winners Singles:

  • Womens 40: Monika Biernat (POL) – Egle Jurkeviciene (LTU) 6:0, 6:2
  • Womens 45: Natalia Harina-Beckmann (GER) – Alhauser Beate (GER) 6:2, 6:2
  • Womens 50: Constanza Greco (ITA) – Kveta Eichlerova (CZE) 6:4, 6:3
  • Womens 55: Sabine Schmitz (GER) – Dagmar Anwar (GER) 6:4, 6:3
  • Womens 60: Reinhilde Adams (GER) – Hildegard Bruggraber (AUT) 1:4 ret.
  • Womens 65: Alena Klein (GER) – Christine Hameister (GER) 6:2, 6:3
  • Womens 70: Zsofia Garaguly (AUT) – Brigitte Hoffmann (GER) 6:4, 6:1
  • Mens 35: Jan Duba (CZE) – Pavel Rojek (CZE) 6:3, 6:1
  • Mens 40: Ivan Herz (SVK) – Kresimir Ritz (CRO) 6:2, 6:7(6), 6:3
  • Mens 45: Stefan Samweber (GER) – Volker Marzenell (GER) 6:2, 6:2
  • Mens 50: Angelo Tanganelli (ITA) – Ireneausz Maciocha (POL) 6:2, 6:2
  • Mens 55: Milan Skonc (SVK) – Joakim Berner (FIN) 7.6[5], 6:1
  • Mens 60: Göran Sundh (SWE) – Donato Abbatessa (ITA) 6:3, 6:2
  • Mens 65: Marjan Furlan (SLO) – Jiri Tamas (CZE) 6:3, 2:6, 6:1
  • Mens 70: Peter Peczely (HUN) – Levente Bakonyi (HUN) 6:7[7], 4:2 ret.
  • Mens 75: Frantisek Cech (CZE) – Klaus-Jürgen Klein (GER) 1:6, 6:4, 6:3

Winners Doubles and Mixed Doubles :

  • Womens 40: Biernat/Peczely (POL/GER) – Eliasova/Harina-Beckmann (CZE/GER) 6:1, 6:0
  • Womens 50: Grzybek/Stanislawska (POL) – Greco/Mantegazza (ITA) 6:3, 3:6, [10:7]
  • Womens 55: Haubner/Singer (AUT) – Narojek/Zielinska (POL) 6:0, 6:0
  • Womens 60: Bruggraber/Garaguly (AUT) – Adams/Hameister (GER) 6:2, 6:4
  • Mens 35: Duba/Rojek (CZE) – Austen/Mihailescu (GER/ROU) 6:2, 6:3
  • Mens 40: Cuceu/Donescu (ROU) – Kikalischvili/Radulescu (RUS/ROU) 6:4, 6:1
  • Mens 45: Berner/Kivisto (FIN) – Iliushkin/Vasyliev (RUS) 7:6(3), 6:7(5), [10:5]
  • Mens 50: Mantegazza/Tanganelli (ITA) – Maciocha/Wawrzyniak (POL) 6:3, 6:3
  • Mens 55: Huber/Posch (AUT) – Mueck/Swarofsky (POL) 2:6, 6:4, [10:5]
  • Mens 60: Bjork/Sundh (SWE) – Rakonczay/Spitzer (HUN/SUI) 6:2, 6:3
  • Mens 65: Lacina/Tamas (ROU/AUS) – Bakonyi/Meszaros (HUN) 6:0, 6:0
  • Mens 70: Muehlenburg/Peczely (AUT/HUN) – Lusenc/Marohnic (SLO/CRO)
  • Mixed 35: Jurkeviciene/Morkunas (LTU) – Jukes/Pipos (ROU) 7:5, 6:3
  • Mixed 50: Kusanovic/Rohmer (CRO/GER) – Djurkovic/Sabovic (SRB/BIH) 4:6, 7:6(4), [10-5]
  • Mixed 55: Dolcic/Dolcic (SLO) – Haber/Koleta (AUT/SLO) 3:6, 6:4, [10:8]
  • Mixed 60: Cluessrath-Stock/Andree-Lucke (GER) – Bukovec/Vajda (SLO) 6:3, 6:3
  • Mixed 65: Klein/Klein (GER) – Knobloch/Hoffmann (GER)

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