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Aerobic & Fitness Week by Fitness First and Patricio Travel at Ali Bey Club Manavgat from 10.05. – 17.05.2015

A total of 230 fitness enthusiasts from all over Europe and even from Texas, travelled to the Turkish Riviera to enjoy a perfect week full of sports, fun and sun. The previous year’s figures were exceeded - never before have so many participants signed up for the "Aerobic & Fitness Week" in May.

Aerobic & Fitness Week - May 2015 - group picture
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To work out under palm trees in warm weather, surrounded by nice, like-minded people in a great atmosphere – this is a dream for many active holidaymakers. The dream has now been made true by Fitness First in collaboration with Ali Bey Club Manavgat, Patricio Travel and Reebok at the 11th “Aerobic & Fitness Week by Fitness First” from 10.05. – 17.05.2015.

At the event check in on Saturday and Sunday, participants received all the necessary information in their event portfolios, together with a match bag from REEBOK as small gift. The very popular event shirt was distributed to everybody on Monday morning at 8:30 at the "Get Together" on the big area. After the presentation of the presenter and organization team, Alexander opened the event week with "AF Step" on the big area and Fabian with "bodyART" on the small area.

Get Together on the big area

212 registered participants (via Patricio Travel) filled the areas very well. They danced, stepped and stretched together. 14 hotel guests were watching what was happening on the areas and subsequently booked the entire week. Especially the wide range of courses offered something for everyone. From aerobics, athletics, barbell, cycling-, yoga, pilates, step, dance to a boxing class.

danced and steppedstretched together

Unfortunately, the main organizer Jutta Schuhn was unable to attend the event week, due to a foot injury. However "the show must go on" and her classes were covered by other great presenters.

A great success was the "Welcome Party" on Monday evening, which took place at the new Irish Pub. It was the perfect venue and Jutta took the opportunity to initiate the party with a short welcome video and to say a few words to the participants. A great time was had by all and it was the perfect "starting point" for a week filled with fun, sports and great memories.

The international presenter team did an outstanding job with their diverse classes and made sure to connect with the participants and let them enjoy their classes to the fullest.

ICG®  Trainer Holger Waldeck at the Indoor CyclingThe ICG® presenter Holger Waldeck flew in to present the indoor cycling on the new Tomahawk bikes. The former, multiple boxing world champion Regina Halmich didn’t hesitate to travel to Turkey to teach her box camp together with former boxer Ralf Kunzler.

The mood adapted to the sunny weather and where ever you looked, you saw radiant and happy faces. Great classes, great presenters and great new people, you cannot wish for a better holiday.

In May, the tradition of the "Miles Contest" continued. During the week participants had the opportunity to take part in as many courses as possible and collect fitness miles. On Friday afternoon, at the Team Teach, the winners were determined:

1st place Christopher Hall - 1 participation fee for an upcoming Aerobic & Fitness Week
2nd place Dominik Rapp - Daily Activity Monitor + REEBOK bottle
3rd place Gaynor Lubojasky - Fitness First backpack

Aerobic & Fitness Week - Mai 2015Aerobic & Fitness Week - Mai 2015

"Fitz’s Lifestyle Challenge" was on the agenda once again this year, to which the participants had the chance to register throughout the week. After an exciting race the 6 winners were determined and awarded during the Gala Dinner.

1st Place Robert Friedrich / Elin Winsens Sundsbarm - 1 bottle of champagne
2nd Place Dominik Rapp / Sandra Friedrich - Reebok bottle + Fitness First Frisbee
3rd place Jens Befeld - Fitness First volleyball

The highlight of the week was on Friday night - the popular gala dinner. The team of Ali Bey outdid themselves again and conjured up an elegant atmosphere to round off the perfect event week. After dinner, Fitzroy Gaynes grabbed the microphone and addressed a few words to all contributors and thanked everyone for their support. After his speech, it was time to hit the dance floor and celebrate the night away.

Anyone who had still some strength in their legs after the party night had the chance to join numerous classes on Saturday. Whether one attended Ralf’s "Fighting Step", Fitz’"Step-A-Jam" or "X-HIT" or Anton’s "Aerobic mix", there was plenty to choose from. "BAX", which was conducted by Fabian Allmacher was newly included into the program and was a complete success.

On Saturday it was time "say goodbye" for some of the participants. The majority of the guests, however, stayed at Ali Bey. Sadly, one could feel the "farewell mood" in the air. But many left with one thought, they will be back next year to experience another Fitness week - a week full of sports and fun at Ali Bey Club Manavgat with Fitness First Germany and Patricio Travel.

Aerobic & Fitness Week - Mai 2015Aerobic & Fitness Week - Mai 2015

The next „Aerobic & Fitness Week by Fitness First“ will take place from 13.09. – 20.09.2015 at Ali Bey Club Manavgat.

The Patricio Travel team wishes all event participants a great summer and is looking forward to seeing you all again in September 2015 or next year.

Under the service hotline 01803/348 266 or under the complete holiday package including the Fitness First Aerobic & Fitness Week can be requested and booked at Patricio Travel. For all questions concerning the event and the trip, the Patricio Travel Team will be glad to help you.

Aerobic & Fitness Week by Fitness First 2016

  • 08.05. – 15.05.2016
  • 18.09. – 25.09.2016

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