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International bodyART® & Fitness Holidays at Ali Bey Resort Sorgun from 04.10. – 11.10.15

11presenters offered over 60 participants over 50 classes.

Internationale bodyART® und Fitness Holidays 2015 - Gruppenbild
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The second bodyART ® event took place in the week from the 04th – 11th October at Ali Bey Resort Sorgun and was another great success. The over 70 participants experienced a great event week in a beautiful setting with oriental magic and in a fantastic atmosphere.

The event was organized by the partners bodyART ® school, Patricio Travel, Fitness First and Ali Bey Resort Sorgun and lured many fitness enthusiasts to the Ali Bey Resort. The official start was on Monday morning at 8: 00 am with the event check-in at the Nazende Café.

bodyART Erfinder Robert Steinbacher und sein Team  Internationale bodyART® und Fitness Holidays 2015

There, all participants received their documents, consisting of a welcome letter, event schedule and a motivation card, which one could use to collect course hours for the bodyART® license renewal. In addition, everyone received the official bodyART ® wristbands and a Patricio Travel / Ali Bey towel. Then all participants gathered on the newly designed beach area, where they were greeted by bodyART ® inventor Robert Steinbacher and his team and to get the week started.

The event schedule didn’t leave any wishes open. From bodyART ® even up to deepWORK® and GROOVE® by Misty Tripoli. Each day consisted of one of the five elements of Chinese medicine, separated by 2 parallel courses. They are distinguished by different training orientations. On class focused on strength, flexibility and balance, to the other class on flowing movements, stretching and relaxation.

A great success was also the "chill out" party on Monday evening, which happened on the beach. Here, the Ali Bey team conjured up a perfect atmosphere for the party. With cocktail bar, dance floor and camp fire, they created the perfect party atmosphere. The perfect start for a week full of fun, sports, relaxation and great memories.

Internationale bodyART® und Fitness Holidays 2015  Internationale bodyART® und Fitness Holidays 2015

The whole week long the participants enjoyed the diverse courses, which already started early in the morning at 08:00 am and went on until 7:00 pm. So this week unfortunately went by really quick. On Friday night it was time to get dressed up and experience the true highlight of the week – the official gala dinner! It was the perfect occasion for all participants and the presenter team to reminisce about the week. Robert and Brigitte from bodyART® did not pass up the opportunity to thank all the participants and the team involved.

Unfortunately, it was already time to say goodbye for some participants on Saturday. After the last two classes all participants came to the beach area to enjoy one last joint class at the beach with the sound of the crashing waves. After the last class it was time to take one last group picture. Slowly everybody prepared themselves for the nearing departure.

Even though some had to go home on Saturday – most of the people stayed a little longer just to relax and take in as much sun as possible. At the end of the day everyone came to the same conclusion – they were a part of a great bodyART® event and they cannot wait to come back next year.

From the 09.10 until 16.10.2016 will be the next "International bodyART® and Fitness Holidays" event week at the Ali Bey Resort Sorgun/ Turkey.

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