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ITF Seniors Tournament Grade 2

10th Int. adidas Seniors Open by Bluesun Hotels 

The 10 year jubilee

The International adidas Seniors Open by Bluesun Hotels were held for the tenth time at the Patricio world class tennis camp Bol this year. There were high-class matches, a great Players Night and special guests for the anniversary.

10th Int. adidas Senior Open by Bluesun Hotels - Gruppenbild
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Sunday was the first tournament day for the tennis players from 24 different countries. Theoretically, Kristian Lynch would have had the longest journey. He lives in Germany, but at least he has an Australian passport, and thus represented the only tennis player from the Australian continent. The majority of male and female players traditionally comes from Germany and Austria, but also from the Czech Republic, Romania and Russia. In total, more than 300 tournament participants took part in the 17 singles and double competitions.

Opening Ceremony of the 10th Int. Adidas Senoiors Open. Dance and acrobatic show act during the opening ceremony. Wolfgang Riedl, Nadja Koran, Sabine Schmitz, Dino Sokol

They all received a welcome package with a jubilee t-shirt. The players experienced Croatian hospitality on Sunday afternoon on court #4 of the Patricio world class tennis camp. Tournament director Sabine Schmitz from Germany opened the anniversary tournament in bright sunshine, together with Patricio Travel CEO Wolfgang Riedl and hotel manager Dino Sokol. It was the first occasion where two "ten-year anniversaries" were celebrated. These two have already helped to organize the first Int. adidas Seniors Open. Congratulations, gifts and flowers were given to referee Thorsten Thiele and Patricio Travel organizer Christine Weiß. Afterwards, a daredevil acrobats group proved that Croatian dancers can deliver far more than folklore and traditional dance performances.

The people were all in a great mood at the following welcome party at the tennis center: sparkling wine, fruit juice or soda were provided, depending on the seriousness of the tournament preparation, accompanied by live music of a guitarist who met not only the sound but also the mood. Discussions, talks and dance united the tennis players from so many different countries. At the end the song "I can help" by Billy Swan could be heard on the tennis courts and unwillingly formed a kind of motto for the upcoming tournament days.

A total of 530 matches was played. Help was already needed the very next day after it had been raining for several hours during the night and the courts had to be prepared. Thorsten Thiele and his team couldn’t relax during the anniversary edition of the ITF-grade 2-tournament. On the contrary, the order of play had to be amended and Mens 40s winner Sorin Donescu (in the front) in his first match. adjusted throughout the course of the day. The court keepers contributed piecework. Again and again rain showers were responsible for the rescheduling and rearrangements. But a good tournament organization can show its skills in exactly these moments. Skills, routine and composure are required to plan hundreds of matches in such circumstances - the referee team had these qualities and the many court assistants as well.

ITF Referee Thorsten Thiele and his team. Nadja Koran, manager of the Senior Tennis & Special Events for Tennis Europe convinced herself of these qualities and of the uniqueness of the tennis courts and the high standards of the Bluesun hotels as well. The European Tennis organization is not only responsible for its own events like the Tennis Europe Tour, but also several ITF events, especially the European Senior Championships, The crowed was rewarded with great matches. which will take place in Bol in spring 2016 for the first time (23.04 - 30. 04.16). Patricio Travel is the exclusive tour operator for this tennis event. Especially for participants of the Int. Adidas Senior Open this high-quality event is like a new must in the calendar of April next year.The Tennis Europe-representative evaluated the system in Bol "as very generous, very nice and very suitable to carry out an event of the importance of a European Championship."

Another guest, who didn’t attend the tournament for some years was Peter Pokorny from Vienna. Back in 2012, the Austrian was in Bol for the last time and in this year, he came directly from the Super Seniors World Championships in Umag, where the 75-year-old won his 20th world title. "I had to wait for this title a little longer," the left-handed player said. In Bol he reached the final without dropping a set in all his matches. Another player, who was successful in Umag was player representative Johannes Mühlenburg. He won the Jack Crawford Cup (M 70) with the Austrian national team at the World Championships.

The tennis cake was cut. In addition to the many sporting highlights, the Players Night on Tuesday evening was THE highlight of the week. Sabine Schmitz and Thorsten Thiele didn’t cut a wedding cake, but a big tournament pie in the shape of a tennis court for guests at the gala dinner. The buffet offered numerous Croatian delicacies. The "Ten Year Participants" who never failed to attend but also the "Nine Year Participants", Awards for the 10 year jubilee players at the Players Night. who only missed one tournament, were especially honored on this evening: Mira Grm, Lucian Mihalescu, Jutta Kruse, Ingrid and Werner Bauwens, Milena and Brane Dolcic and Toni Keuter received honorary certificates, vouchers by Patricio Travel and a stone tennis ball made of Brac marble of Bluesun hotels. Of course, there was dancing here again, this time to pop music from different decades, presented by a live band, which performed until late in the evening.

Live music and dance at the Players Night.The adverse weather conditions could hardly affect the good mood during this tournament week. Behind the scenes, many helping hands soaked up the water from the courts with big sponges and towels and sand was put back on the courts. Everything was done to make the courts ready for the matches as quickly as possible. The hero of the tournament was Svante Bjork from Sweden. Sedulously, he helped the court keepers early in the morning after the rain had stopped draining the tennis courts. He received a big thank you from the tournament director at the awards ceremony and a gift from Bluesun Hotels for his efforts.

But the reschedules of the matches also had some advantages: far more spectators attended the matches, because there was time not only to play tennis, but also to cheer at the high-class matches. In order to tell the story from the end: All finals of the 34 competitions in the mens, womens and doubles and mixed doubles were scheduled and held at the end of the tournament on Friday, and there was even a B-round offered. All in all, a total of 530 matches were played during the tournament week! The longest match lasted for 4:05 hours – it was a sporty dream, also for the spectators but rather a nightmare for the tournament organizers, since the match additionally stretched the schedule. Nevertheless, on Friday evening the award ceremony took place in the Elaphusa restaurant with the presentation of certificates, presents and travel vouchers. And in the end once again everybody danced in the nightclub "Ela", where the first appointments for the European Championships in 2016 and the 11th Int. adidas Seniors Open were made.

Further highlights of the finals:

Mens 35:

The two top seeded favorites reached the final as expected. Luca Serena (ITA) [1] and Matthias Schramm (GER) [2] played a thrilling 3-set match, which was won by the Italian 2: 6, 6: 2 and 6: 2. Patrick Honneth (GER) was the surprise in the draw. The unseeded player, who was given a wild card for the tournament, reached the semi-final after his victory over Vanja Vidojkovic (SRB) [3] 7: 6 [6], 5:7 and 6:3. However, he was defeated in the German semi-final by Schramm 6:0 and 6:3.

Mens 40:

In the 32 main draw Sorin Ionescu (ROU) [1] and last year’s winner Ivan Herz (SVK) [2] were the top seeded players and made it into the finals. Like last year, the Slovakian won 6:4 and 6:1. The remaining seeded favorites were eliminated in Round 2 or the quarter-finals by their unseeded opponents. Thus, the unseeded players Ciprian Cuceu (ROU) and Tobias Peschkes (GER) reached the semifinal.

Mens 45:

There were no surprises in this main draw. All seeded players reached the semi-finals. The clear winner was the Italian Giovanni Medori [1] who defeated Oleg Vasyliev (RUS) [2] 6: 1 and 6: 0.

Mens 50:

Because of the rain on the first two days of the tournament in this age group the matches had to be shifted. On Tuesday, the last matches were scheduled at 21:00 and at 22:00 clock under floodlights. Among them was the match between Thomas Klett (GER) against Dariusz Wiater (POL) which was set in the stadium. The exciting 3-set match turned out to be the match of the tournament. It lasted for 4:05 hours and ended 6:4, 6:7 (5) and 7:6 (4) for the Polish player. The next day Wiater played the shortest match of the tournament against Alexey Karpenko (RUS) [1] and was defeated 0:6 and 0:6. After last year’s finalist Volker Marzenell (GER) [3] was defeated by number 5 seeded Michael Sulzbacher (AUT) 7:6 [4], 2:6, 6:2 this year in the semifinals and top favorite and last year’s winner Stefan Samweber had to retire in the semifinals against the unseeded Australians Kristian Lynch because of an injury, Lynch and Karpenko played in the final.

Mens 55:

In the large 64 main draw of this age group there were some surprises. The finalists of the previous years, Milan Skonč (SVK) (winner in 2014) and Joakim Berner (FIN) (finalist in 2014) were both competing again as top seeded players. However, the Finn was already defeated in the quarterfinal against Horst Kühlkamp (GER) [8] in three sets 6:3, 4:6 and 6:7[3]. Milan Skonč was also not successful in his semifinal against Herbert Riederer (AUT) [4]. He was defeated by the Austrian 5:7 and 1:6. Kühlkamp was also successful in the semifinal against No. 3 player Ireneusz Maciocha (POL) in three sets and secured his way into the final. However, he had no chance against the Austrian Herbert Riederer. Riederer won the final 6:1 and 6:3.

Mens 60:

The "rain hero" of the tournament, Svante Bjork from Sweden, played in the other 64 main draw. The unseeded player immediately won in the first match against the 3rd seeded player Dzebic from Serbia. In 2 smooth sets he continues his victory series till the semi-final. There Bjork met his fellow countryman and player’s representative Göran Sundh (SWE) [2]. Bjork had to retire in the thrilling match when the score was 6:7 [4], 7:5 and 3:3 (ret.).

Another unseeded player from Croatia, Ivan Domazet surprisingly defeated Franz Rath (AUT) [7] in round no. 3 and Donato Abbatessa (ITA) [4] in the quarterfinal with 3 sets. Afterwards he even even defeated the top favorite Jozef Pazmandi (HUN) [1] also in 3 sets 6:4, 5:7 and 6:3. Domazet became the winner of the tournament in his age group and defeated Sundh in the finale 6:0 and 7:5.

Mens 65:

With the exception of both top favorites of Valentin Rau (ROU) [1] and Fringing Norby (DEN) [2] the remaining seeded players could not assert themselves in the age group against the unseeded opponents. In the finale the Rumanian and the Hungarian met. Norby gained the title in 3 sets 4:6, 6:1 and 6:3.

Mens 70:

The two doubles partners Johannes Mühlenburg (AUT) [1] and Peter Peczely (HUN) [2] were the top seeded players in this category. The player’s representative Johannes Mühlenburg, who arrived directly from the World Championships in Umag and had won the title together with the Austrian team in the mens 70s, could assert himself during the tournament against all opponents till the finale. However, in the semi-final against Maks Kosjek (CRO) [3], also player’s speaker, he needed three sets. Although Mühlenburg was defeated in the final by Peter Peczely 1:6 and 1:6, he had achieved the best result of the whole year on this day according to his own statement. During his final match he became grandfather. And this fact meant more to him than any tournament victory.

Mens 75:

The German Klaus-Jürgen Klein [2)] and multiple world champion Peter Pokorny (AUT) had also arrived directly from the Super Seniors World Championship in Umag. The exceptional player from Austria was successful during the World Championships in all three categories and won the title singles, doubles mixed doubles. In Bol he also won the title in his age group in a Round Robin of four players.

Womens 40:

2 Round Robins of three and four players were drawn since seven players had signed in for this age group. Both winners of the Round Robins met in the final. Last year’s winner Monika Biernat (POL) [1] was defeated 6:3 and 6:2 by the Silke Richard [2] from Germany.

Womens 45:

Last year’s winner Natalia Harina-Beckmann (GER) was top seeded in her age group. She dominated the tournament and easily reached the finale. There she defeated Alenka King (SLO) [2] 6:0 and 6:2. During the whole tournament she didn’t lose more than 4 games to her opponents. Annette Weiser (GER) No. 3 seeded was defeated by unseeded Nada Ljubicic (CRO), who had joined the tournament with a Wild Card, in three sentences 1:6, 6:3 and 6:2 in the quarterfinal. Afterwards, Ljubicic met Harina-Beckmann in the semi-final. However, here she had no chance and was defeated in two smooth sets.

Womens 50:

As expected all four seeded players reached the semi-finals. Both top-seeded players, among them last year’s winner Constanza Greco (ITA) [1] and Anna Stanislawska (POLE) [2] fought in the final. The Italian could defend her title successfully and won 6:2 and 7:5, although her leg was injured.

Womens 55:

Tournament director Sabine Schmitz who lines up since 2012 as a titleholder was again top seeded this year. In the semi-final she defeated Anita Hagner (GER) [4]. Her opponent in the finale was Dagmar Anwar (GER) No. 2 seeded and at the same time Sabine Schmitz’ association companion of ETUF Essen. Sabine Schmitz could also defend her title successfully in 2015 against Dagmar Anwar who is known for her long high balls, 6:4 and 6:4.

Womens 60:

Both finalists of the last year in this age category, Reinhilde Adams (GER) [3] and Hildegard Bruggraber (AUT) [4] reached the semi-final this year. But only the Austrian was successful against Teresa Stochel (POL) [2] 6:1 and 6:1. Adams lost against the player’s speaker and top seeded favorite Radomila Martinicova (CZE) 2:6 and 4:6. In a close finale the Czech player won the match 6:4 and 7:5.

Womens 65:

Jutta Kruse, the eldest and one of the most loyal tournament participants, could not line up in her age group of the womens 70, because the category was not drawn. Thus, she had to play against unseeded Bozena Smolec (POL) in her first match. The four seeded players reached the semi-final. In the finale Renate Haubner (AUT) [2] met Alena Klein (GER) [2]. Klein, who had arrived directly from the team and individual World Championships in Umag and who had lined up there with the womens 70, also received a wild card for the tournament. Both finalists played a long final of three sets which was finally won by the German 4:6, 6:4 and 6:3. Alena Klein successfully defended her title from last year.

Winners in singles:

  • Mens 35: Luca Serena (ITA) – Matthias Schramm (GER) 2:6, 6:2, 6:2
  • Mens 40: Ivan Herz (SVK) – Sorin Donescu (ROU) 6:4, 6:1
  • Mens 45: Giovanni Medori (ITA) – Oleg Vasyliev (RUS) 6:1, 6:0
  • Mens 50: Alexey Karpenko (RUS) Kristian Lynch (AUS) 6:1, 6:3
  • Mens 55: Herbert Riederer (AUT) – Horst Kühlkamp (GER) 6:1, 6:3
  • Mens 60: Ivan Domazet (CRO) – Göran Sundh (SWE) 6:0, 7:5
  • Mens 65: Frans Norby (DEN) – Valentin Raus (ROU) 4:6, 6:1, 6:3
  • Mens 70: Peter Peczely (HUN) – Johannes Mühlenburg (AUT) 6:1, 6:1
  • Mens 75: Peter Pokorny (AUT) – Werner Knobloch (GER) 6:3, 6:4
  • Wonens 40: Silke Richard (GER) – Monika Biernat (POL) (6:3, 6:2)
  • Wonens 45: Natalia Harina-Beckmann (GER) – Alenka King (SLO) 6:0, 6:2
  • Wonens 50: Constanza Greco (ITA) – Anna Stanislawska (POL) 6:2, 7:5
  • Wonens 55: Sabine Schmitz (GER) – Dagmar Anwar (GER) 6:4, 6:4
  • Wonens 60: Radomila Martinicova (CZE) – Hildegard Bruggraber (AUT) 6:4, 7:5
  • Wonens 65: Alena Klein (GER) – Renate Haubner (AUT) 4:6, 6:4, 6:3

Winners in mixed and doubles:

  • Mens 35: Matthias Schramm (GER), Luca Serena (ITA) – Ivan Obradovic (CRO), Vanja Vidojkovic (CRO) 6:4, 6:1
  • Mens 40: Ivan Herz (SVK), Pavel Rojek (CZE) – Ciprian Cuceu (ROU), Sorin Donescu (ROU) 6:3, 6:3
  • Mens 45: Giovanni Medori (ITA), Olivier Radulescu (ROU) – Igor Ledianov (RUS), Oleg Vasyliev (RUS) w.o.
  • Mens 50: Herbert Loibl (AUT), Michael Sulzbacher (AUT) – Karl Glantschnig (AUT), Dietmar Sedletzky (AUT) 6:2, 6:3
  • Mens 55: Nurija Pasic (SLO), Marjan Zizek (SLO) – Matjaz Frece (SLO), Andrej Pergar (SLO) 6:4, 6:4
  • Mens 60: Svante Björk (SWE), Per-Erik Johansson (SWE) – Helmut Köck (AUT), Bernd Lorber (AUT) 7:5, 7:6 (5)
  • Mens 65: Laszlo Meszaros (HUN), Frans Norby (DEN) – Chris Ornstien (GBR), Brian Snapes (GBR) 7:6 (2), 6:3
  • Mens 70: Dumitru-Titus Mihalache (ROU), Peter Pokorny (ROU) – Johannes Mühlenburg (AUT), Peter Peczely (HUN) 6:1, 6:1
  • Womens 40: Natalia Harina-Beckmann (GER), Silke Richard (GER) – Cristiana Concina (ITA), Enrica Triggiani (ITA) 4:0, 4:1
  • Womens 50: Malgorzata Grzybek (POL), Anna Stanislawska (POL) – Zorica Djurkovic (CRO), Oliviera Doklestic (MGO) 2:4, 4:2, 10:6
  • Womens 55: Branka Dmitrovic (CRO), Christiane Neumann (GER) – Jane Ling (GBR), Patricio Peal (GBR) w.o.
  • Mixed 35: Monika Biernat (POL), Ireneusz Maciocha (POL) – Marike Winter-Blum (GER), Richard Beiz (GER) 6:1, 6:0
  • Mixed 45: Alenka King (SLO), Matja Koncan (SLO) – Guste Schneider (AUT), Sergio Wollenberg (AUT) 6:0, 7:5
  • Mixed 50: Heidrun Martinz (AUT), Herbert Riederer (AUT) – Heike Marzenell (GER), Miran Stefanovic (SLO) 6:4, 6:1
  • Mixed 55: Vesna Stanko (SLO), Marjan Zizek (SLO) – Elfriede Schanda (AUT), Werner Schanda (AUT) 6:1, 6:2
  • Mixed 60: Milena Dolcic (SLO), Brane Dolcic (SLO) – Hildegard Bruggraber (AUT), Herbert Huber (AUT) 2:6, 6:1[10:5]
  • Mixed 65: Mira Grm (SLO), Anton Fende (SLO) – Renate Haubner (AUT), Markus Kerschbaumer (AUT) w.o.

Dates for 2016 (scheduled):

(Both dates will be confirmed in November 2015.) 


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