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Looking back to the Aerobic & Fitness Week by Fitness First in May 2016

A great training week at Ali Bey Club Manavgat

Nearly 200 fitness enthusiastic participants and international presenters came to the Ali Bey Club Manavgat at the Turkish Riviera to train in more than 100 classes. What motivated them? A unique group dynamic and a dream-like setting right under the Turkish sun.

Sweating with the celebrities

Fit during the holiday? Under these conditions, no problem: The 360,000 sq. Ali Bey Club grounds are located right at the beach. With spacious gardens, an aqua park and the largest tennis camp in the world, it is difficult not to become disoriented. But during the Aerobic & Fitness Week - just follow the music and motivating calls of the presenters that sound through speakers throughout the entire hotel complex.

Remo - bodyART® Master Trainer, educator and presenter - says: "People are eager to train and they are much more relaxed than in everyday life and there is a pleasant energy." Today even Regina Halmich, Special Guest during the week, visited Remo’s class. For him, a real highlight because "I never had a world-champion visit my class!"

Regina Halmich developed her training concept BoxCamp together with Fitness First and is a fixture on the event schedule.

"The Aerobic & Fitness Week is characterized in that the wishes and the needs of fitness enthusiasts are at the forefront. Additionally, it is a beautiful facility, which is run with a lot of warmth. Besides the various sports courses, there is great food and great relaxation offerings which are appreciate by participants."

So does the 45-year-old Petra from Munich, who has her girls in tow: She loves all courses with choreography, such as the Step-A-Jam course with Fitzroy Gaynes. Here she is able to "go to her limits within the group." Fit on holiday also means burning lots of calories and the lifestyle training systems developed by Fitz are a guarantee of that.

In Step-A-Jam dance and step aerobics are combined. Fitzroy is one of the most booked Personal Trainers in London and even has his own fan base during the week. A video of the event is included in the Fitness First Blog.


Sports at the beach

One thing is truly intoxicating – the familiar atmosphere and motivational dynamic within the group of participants. If participants and presenter haven’t already known each other from previous fitness weeks – then it doesn’t take long for them to get to know each other. Fear of contacts? There are none. If so then maybe when it comes to approaching the special guest Oliver Sanne, who was Mister Germany 2014 and "The Bachelor" on RTL. "There are not few people who only dare to ask for a picture after the first or second drink." – or after the Bachelors Beauty Booty on the beach – sport binds.  

"The greeting at the Aerobic & Fitness week is very friendly, whether participant or presenter," says Michael, who travels as a presenter in Asia, America and Europe. He is not only surprised by the variety of hours, but also of the celebratory mood during the week.

During the fitness week, he teaches also FitBo courses. Today he gives all his attention to the participants from the Beach Tabatas workout at the beach. The high-intensity interval training, which gets a bit more exhausting through the sandy soil.


The early bird catches the worm

And who can celebrate, can also work out. For example, during the morning courses such as Morning Yoga Flow with Fitness First trainer Petra - the day starts at 08:00 with 22 degrees and clear blue sky.




Outgrow yourself not only during the sport holidays

Everyone who is here is already fully motivated. But how do you really achieve your goals? Mike is a graduated fitness economist and explained in his mental training workshop the harmony of body, mind and soul. The core message: "Believe in yourself" because the head decides on victory or defeat. In sports and in other areas of life one can only grow when the will is there.

The best example is the 48-year-old Alexander from Crailsheim. He already participated in the Fiesta Week and has discovered the dance-fitness workout for himself. So far he had no points of contact with such form of dance choreography. Initially this had been very frustrating but now he has the movements down. He enthusiastically tells of familiarity among the Zumba instructors and participants. At home, he is not really a sportsman, but the week in Turkey has inspired him and he has also committed to not only be fit on holiday, but also continue at home.

The 10th anniversary for the Aerobic & Fitness Week and a premiere

While participants enjoyed the step and aerobic courses, the BoxCamp, the cycling and beach workouts - Füsun, Event & Project Manager of Ali Bey Hotels & Resorts stood before an organizational challenge: "It was the first time for me that I have taken over the complete line and preorganization for the Aerobic & Fitness Week. It was my own personal challenge. But the team has given me great support. The result is a super event week with many beaming faces.

My personal highlight was the gala evening at the end of the fitness week and the speech of Ali Bey management on stage. "When the anniversary cake came, I became aware that I am a part of this project for 10 years now and what we have built up together with Fitness First, Ali Bey and Patricio Travel. That really touched me and made proud!"

And who is now curious or still reminiscing about this grandiose week, you may look forward. Register now for next time Aerobic & Fitness Week from 18:09. - 25.09.2016 and stay fit while on vacation.

The Patricio Travel team wishes all event participants a great summer and is looking forward to welcoming you all again in September’s upcoming Aerobic & Fitness Week.

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