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Fitness is not a destination it’s a way of life

In the fall and spring, the Ali Bey Club Manavgat changes into a gigantic fitness resort for one week each. From all the music boxes in the club, salsa, dance music or hip hop, can be heard. On the show stage, on the open spaces and on the beach, the presenters engaged their audience, and, to put it briefly, you won’t find so many strong, well-built and even better tempered fitness friends in one place. From September 18 to 24, the Aerobic & Fitness Week by Fitness First went on in a place that couldn’t be more suitable for fitness events: generous, right at the sea and with great locations: from the heated pool, cool bars, great evening show program and top spaces for dancing.

130 participants from Germany, Austria, England, Norway, Switzerland and Turkey had all arrived until Saturday and Sunday at the latest to use the Fitness First Bonus Day: instead of six, seven days full program. From 8:00 to 18:00 clock - and after that the day was by no means over. Before the start on Sunday, all participants received three presents at the registration next to an information folder with the event schedule: a Reebok bag, an Ali Bey + Patricio Travel water bottle and the event shirt with the print <<Fitness is not a destination it’s a way of life >>.


This was exactly the motto for the official welcoming at the big area on Monday morning. Marta introduced the presenter and the organization team on the stage, and after that, it was already happening: twelve international presenters offered a top-class program. In the morning, Stretch, Pilates or Yoga Flow started the day. Then the work load increased enormously with Step, Cross Cardio and Easy Hip Hop classes. In the afternoon, there were highlights such as <<Ice, Ice Baby>>, Stomp Step or Latin Moves. More than 100 courses and seminars ensured a completely diversified range of motion-intensive programs. How many fitness fans would have liked to attend two or even three events at the same time. But on the other hand, only one thing helps: to return next year! 

Highlights of this week of moves and stretches were the three night events: on Monday all met for the Welcome Party on the Small Area. The Ali Bey team transformed the sports floor into a large dance floor, gave a dance performance, and presented the DJ, so that everyone had the first dance party at the beginning of the week. It was clear to most participants that they needed to be fit at the next morning for the next course. A great atmosphere also existed at Night Special on Thursday evening. This top event was held at the big show stage at Ali Bey Park. Each presenter got his ten minutes to bring the audience to swing and sweat. And all twelve presenters succeeded in their special way. The star of the evening was then also the audience, who had a great evening with enough movement and a good mood.

Festive, on the other hand, the Gala Night on Friday evening. At the beach restaurant everyone met to celebrate together another beautiful and moving week. The Ali Bey team thanked all guests, but also vice versa, the guests were full of praise for seven days of pure fitness. On Facebook, Pia posed: <<Thank you. Everything was perfect>> Presenter Jairo commented <<Thanks for the great job>>, and RTL Bachelor Oliver Sanne brought another topic to the point: <<Dear folks, we, too had the political circumstances in our minds before traveling to Turkey, but I have to say: I will gladly come back any time - especially here! >> For one week there was an indescribably relaxed atmosphere at the beautiful Ali Bey Club Manavgat, where fitness and meeting nice people meet was on top of the agenda. <<Fitness is not a destination, it is a way of life,>> were not just the words on the event shirts, but a life-feeling that was felt intensively. At the time of departure, therefore, the participants promised themselves: Next spring we will meet again. Then the party starts again from the beginning!

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