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13th International Wilson Senior Open
by Ali Bey Club Manavgat

Wilson Senior Open - a magical tournament

Iran, New Zealand, Lithuania - these are just some of the nations from which the participants of the Int. Wilson Senior Open came. However, most tennis players came from the German-speaking countries. International flair and German organizational skills - these were the Int. Wilson Senior Open from 4th to 9th of April 2016 at Ali Bey Club Manavgat.

13. Int. Wilson Senior Open 2015 by Ali Bey Club Manavgat - Gruppenbild
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The 13 is a lucky number - at least for the Int. Wilson Senior Open. Tennis players from 28 countries met this year at the largest tennis facility in the world to determine the winners in the categories from 35 to 80, in doubles and mixed. For the top players of the guild - many world champions and No. 1 players at the start - the Wilson Senior Open is a great opportunity to already win a title, premiums and ITF points early in the year. "The tournament is a fixed date in my tennis year," admits the two time world champion Lucie Schwab from Austria.

Party mood, talk & ceremonies : opening ceremony Wilson Senior Open

But also for "normal players", the tournament at the Turkish Riviera has become more attractive. After all, who is defeated in the main field, is far from out of the tournament. New opportunities are offered by the consolation round and thereafter, for tournament players who have chosen the Patricio Travel tournament package, a B- tournament. With singles, doubles and mixed this provides up to six matches in a week for each player. And who still wants to play, was able to sign up for a LK tournament with two matches for the first time this year. "Here you can lose regularly and continue playing anyway - with glorious sunshine." With these words, a participant expressed his motivation to start at the Grade A tournament. One could certainly feel like a world champion, when the tournament office handed a basket filled with water, balls, towels and bananas prior to each match.

Open air and a view over the courts: restaurant directly at the tennis center

Such different types of players fit in this event and reflect the broad orientation of this traditional tournament in Turkey: The top player who wants to compete paired with the feeling of a holiday with world champions and top 5 players in the ITF Seniors ranking, as well as the tournament player who is on tennis holiday and wants to experience the tournament atmosphere and matches under tournament conditions. Together they form the tennis community, which meets during the day at the tennis cafe off court and in the evening at the bar or in the Irish pub. There are no winners or losers: For some it is on to the next round in the morning, for the other on to the next competition.

Play, watch, rejoice: Wilson Senior Open offers everything

In 38 major competitions with various side competitions - champions were sought out this year. Organizationally, a remarkable masterpiece which was universally admired - although the Patricio world class tennis camp at Ali Bey Club Manavgat has 69 tennis courts, it requires considerable organizational skill to schedule enough, but not too long and not too short breaks, between games for players in the different tournament tableaus. After 2012, ITF Gold Badge Referee Norbert Peick, who was already responsible for the BMW Open in Munich and the ATP Masters in Hamburg, was the umpire for the second time at the Int. Wilson Senior Open. Together with his organizing team, the referees and the Patricio Travel-staff, he mastered the six tournament days with almost 750 matches and took care of the requests of the players. "The mild climate is good for the players and for the courts as well," explained Norbert Peick in his thoughtful way "we can handle all competitions without problems." On and off the court, the experienced referee beamed of peace and serenity.

Nice resort, relaxing conversations: tournament director Sabine Schmitz with head referee Norbert Peick

The Int. Wilson Senior Open was accompanied by an attractive supporting program. For the tournament opening - the participants met on the well-stocked Center Court and were greeted by the tournament director Sabine Schmitz and the Patricio Travel and Club Ali Bey team. In bright red Wilson T-shirts, they admired the acrobatic performances of dancers, rejoiced about the new lottery, in which a one-week vacation sponsored by Patricio Travel was raffled and then exchanged the latest news and first winner tips with champagne, seltzer and finger food.

Full house, shake hands and winner of the hearts: Leah Luboldt

On Wednesday, it was time for show time on the court. Under the direction of ITF Chair Umpire Victor Chernov - established world champions against hopeful tennis talents. Although, only 18 years old Bundesliga player Leah Luboldt from Essen was defeated by the reigning Spanish world champion Ana Salas-Lozano smoothly, she was still the winner of hearts because of her spirited play. Interesting and pugnacious was also the game mode: no let, no ad and short sentences to 4. In the evening, everyone met in high spirits at the club restaurant for the Players Night, an evening in which the already rich and delicious Turkish buffet was again outbid, the restaurant was decorated festively and conversations about the tournament happenings were accompanied by live music.

That is how champions celebrate: with good food, atmosphere and dance performances

Last highlight of the week was the award ceremony, which was divided into two parts. On Friday, the finalists who played their final already were asked to the podium at the tennis café. On Saturday the winners of the LK-round, consolation- and main fields were honored on the big show stage of the resort. By this time, everyone could appreciate how much tennis had been played these last days at Ali Bey Club Manavgat. The number of honors and congratulations was impressive, if one imagines that several matches and fights are behind every winner on the tennis court. In numbers: Only at the official ITF competitions 564 matches, 1117 sets and 9179 games!

Applause, kisses and prizes for the victors

On the next day, most of the tournament participants went via shuttle to the 20 kilometers distant Ali Bey Resort Sorgun, where in direct connection the European Championships for Seniors were on the program. This back-to-back mode of two consecutive top tournaments increased the attractiveness of the Int. Wilson Senior Open this year. And it is scheduled to happen again in 2017 – the Wilson Senior Open and the European Seniors Championship in the same weeks back-to-back.

Tip 1: Every tennis player who wants to join this year’s Int. adidas Senior Open in Bol / Croatia will receive special event discounts when booking with Patricio Travel. Date: 25.9. - October 2, 2016

Tip 2: From 19th of September to 1st of October 2016, the "European Senior Club Championships" will take place for the first time at Ali Bey Resort Sorgun. Experience the unique club atmosphere at a European Championship.

Player voices regarding the Int. Wilson Senior Open:n:

"I’ve been here at least ten times. The tournament organization is sensationally good; I like the complex with its many courts and the nice flair, but also the short distance to the beach. And from an athletic point of view - it is has always gone well so far. "

Manfred Hundstorfer, Austria

"I like this tournament. Here I can play tennis regularly, meet nice people and everything is very well organized at a high level of Patricio."

Mira Grm, Slovenia

"I like the people here, the player quality is very good, the weather and the food also. I like it to be here. "

Sorin Donescu, Romania

"I’ve been participating ten times already. I especially like that you can lose here regularly and still continue to play - with glorious sunshine, especially this year. Many indeed were reluctant to come here this year. But I am very surprised that so many players are here and everything is in top-quality services available. "

Rolf Kluge, Germany

"I play this tournament every time and meet many friends here. There are plenty of ways to prepare. For me it is the first clay court tournament of the season at top conditions: good places, nice people, and good food. For me, the Wilson Senior Open is a fixed point of my tennis year. "

Lucie Schwab, Austria

"I have been playing this tournament since the beginning: The Wilson Senior Open have taken a great development. The organization is as great as in a German championship. It is among friends and peers. "

Volker Brand, Germany

"In the spring it is always very nice weather in Manavgat, while it is very uncomfortable in Austria. We are here on a great tennis facility with many courts that you can play on very well. "

Peter Pokorny, Austria

"Here certain things are done for the players. The courts are excellent; groundskeepers and organizing team are always in a good mood. I know a lot of tournaments at home and abroad. But what’s going on here is upscale class. Thumbs up."

Wilhelm Holz, Germany

Results Int. Wilson Senior Open

Winners Singles:

  • M 35: Sebastian Fitz (GER) – Artem Raikher (RUS) 6:0, 6:0
  • M 40: Roberto Menendez-Ferre (ESP) – Benoit Coppens (BEL) 6:2, 6:1
  • M 45: Oliver Kesper (GER) – Jens-Christopher Bloemeke (GER) 6:2, 3:6, 6:0
  • M 50: Manfred Hundstorfer (AUT) – Christian Grund (GER) 6:0, 6:3
  • M 55: Norbert Henn (GER) – Karl Pansy (AUT) 6:2, 6:2
  • M 60: Harald Hellmonseder (AUT) – Josef Baumgartner (GER) 6:4, 6.2
  • M 65: Alfred Böckl (GER) – Andrew Rae (AUS) 7:5, 6:2
  • M 70: Petr Kolacek (SUI) – Johannes Mühlenburg (AUT) 6:2, 6:0
  • M 75: Peter Pokorny (AUT) – Cay Sollin (SWE) 6:0, 6:0
  • M 80: Herbert Althaus (GER) – Roul Rohlsson (SWE) 6:4, 4:6 11:9
  • W 35: Sylva Himper (CZE) – Ana Salas-Lozano (ESP) 6:2, 6:0
  • W 45: Isabelle Tyrrell (GBR) – Lucie Schwab (AUT) 7:6 (3) 2:2 ret.
  • W 50: Olga Shaposhnikova (GER) – Christina Wolf (GER) 6:3, 5:6 ret.
  • W 55: Malgorzata Andrzejczuk (POL) – Ellen Neumann (GER) 6:3, 7:5
  • W 60: Encarnation Gomis-Ruiz (ESP) – Radomila Martinicova (CZE) 6:3 ret.
  • W 65: Susanne Schweda (GER) – Heide Froeysok (GER) 6:1, 6:0
  • W 70: Barbara von Ende (GER) – Sylvia Bauwens (GER) w.o.
  • W 75: Irmgard Gerlatzka (GER) – Viktoria Aselmann (GER)

Winners Doubles and Mixed:

  • MD 35: Sebastian Fitz (GER) / Artem Raikher (RUS) – Marc Bientzle (GER) / Henrik Rosatti (GER) 6:1, 6:2
  • MD 45: Jens-Christopher Bloemeke (GER) / Lars Mosel (GER) – Sorin Donescu (ROU) / Olivier Radulescu (ROU) 5:7, 7:5 [10:4]
  • MD 50: Frank Etzold (ISR) / Alexey Karpenko (RUS) – Manfred Hundstorfer (AUT) / Karl Pansy (AUT) 3:6, 7:5 [10:7]
  • MD 55: Mats Haglund (SWE) / Andreas Koepf (AUT) – Edward Balummel (GER) / Paul Smith (NZL) 7:5, 6:3
  • MD 60: Harald Hellmonseder (AUT) / Frits Raijmakers (NED) – Josef Baumgartner (GER) / Albert Grimm (AUT) 7:5, 6:3
  • MD 65: Peter Marklstorfer (GER) / Andrew Rae (AUS) – Alfred Böckl (GER) / Horst-Dieter van de Loo (GER) 6:3, 6:2
  • MD 70: Petr Kolacek (SUI) / Johannes Mühlenburg (AUT) – Dumitru-Titus Mihalache (ROU) / Peter Pokorny (AUT) 6:1, 6:4
  • MD 75: Herbert Althaus (GER) / Heinrich Brandt (GER) – Hans Koller (GER) / Werner Schlereth (GER) 2:6, 6:2, 12:10
  • WD 45: Piret Ilves (EST) / Mari-Liis Parmas (FIN) – Lucie Schwab (AUT) / Isabelle Tyrrell (GBR) 6:3, 6:2
  • WD 50: Liselot Prechtel (NED) / Karola Thumm (GER) – Christine Arck (GER) / Heike Nothnagel (GER) 6:2, 6:0
  • WD 55: Dagmar Anwar (GER) / Ellen Neumann (GER) – Inge Ohnhäuser (GER) / Isabella Zurcher Kucera (SUI) 6:3, 6:3
  • WD 60: Hildegard Bruggraber (AUT) / Susanne Schweda (GER) – Radomila Martinicova (CZE) / Marie Pinterova (HUN) 6:3, 6:1
  • WD 65: Sylvia Balkow (GER) / Heide Froeysok (GER) – Sylvia Bauwens (GER) / Christine Hameister (GER) w.o.
  • XD 35: Vlada Kirilovskaya (LTU) / Benoit Coppens (BEL) – Sylva Himper (CZE) / Wolfgang Hahn (GER) 6:2, 6:3
  • XD 45: Christiane Erguel (GER) / Oliver Kesper (GER) – Anja Langschwager (GER) / Ulf Langschwager (GER) 6:0, 6:1
  • XD 50. Sabine Henn (GER) / Norbert Henn (GER) – Valdone Povilioniene (LTU) / Petras Vozbutas (LTU) 4:6, 6:1, 10:8
  • XD 55: Heidi Eisterlehner (GER) / Paul Smith (NZL) – Malgorzata Andrzejczuk (POL) / Franciszek Andrzejczuk (POL) 6:1, 6:3
  • XD 60: Hildegard Bruggraber (AUT) / Gerd Dahmen (GER) – Sabine Robertz (GER) / Wolfgang Hiss (GER) 6:3, 6:2
  • XD 65: Erika Krolak (GER) / Udo Schneidereit (GER) – Mira Grm (SLO) / Rolf Stiasny (GER) 6:4, 6:4
  • XD 70: Renate Grund (GER) / Thomas Grund (GER) – Birgid Koch-Schwarz (GER) / Klaus Koch-Schwarz (GER) 6:4, 3:6, 10:5

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