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4. Fiesta Week® feat Zumba Fitness

The Fiesta Week feat. Zumba ® Fitness took place for the fourth time in the Ali Bey Club Manavgat on the Turkish Riviera in collaboration with Fitness First, Patricio Travel, Ali Bey and Marta Formoso Iglesias.

Fiesta Week feat. Zumba® fitness - Gruppenbild
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How could the perfect Zumba ® workout look like? The best conditons would be in a great hotel, with perfectly tuned music, under palm trees, on the beach and in the sun, right? This is how Ali Bey Club combines sport and holidays perfectly. This year, a total of 33 participants didn’ not want to miss this event. The top international fitness presenters such as Marta Formoso Iglesias, Ai Lee Syarief, Joao Dominguez Reis, Miguel Valentin and Patrick Reischmann accompanied the participants throughout the week. They could hardly restrain their anticipation for their colourful group and to start immediately with Zumba.

With over 30 hours of different Zumba formats, every wish was fulfilled and every style of each dancer was met. The fitness areas alone were not enough for the dancing fanatics, so the cooling in the turquoise blue pool at Aqua Zumba ® was the perfect refreshment and welcomed change of scenery. Thursday morning was scheduled for recreation and leisure to allow a short "breather" for everybody.

The welcome evening was held in the great ambience of Alis pub on Monday and offered the participants a perfect start of the week. The participants continued dancing, laughing and celebrating there. All good things came to an end after a great event week. The exclusive gala evening in the main restaurant was the highlight. The event was concluded on Saturday evening with a joint team teach with all presenters on the beach.

In 2018 the next event will take place for all Zumba ® fans: Fiesta Week feat. Zumba ® Fitness! The event where all Zumba ® fans can dance for a whole week!

From the 29.04 - 06.05.2018 the venue for this popular event will be again the Ali Bey Club Manavgat.

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