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  • International senior events
    International seniors′ tournaments for all age classes
    from AC 35
  • International fitness events
    Intensive courses with renowned aerobic and fitness experts



Party mood at the premier

The European Seniors Championship took place in Majorca for the firs. The Patricio tennis camp Son Bessó offered a first-class setting for this quality event. Tennis players from 22 European countries played from september 18th until october 7th 2017 for the title of European Champion.

Wilson Senior Open - a magical tournament

Iran, New Zealand, Lithuania - these are just some of the nations from which the participants of the Int. Wilson Senior Open came. However, most tennis players came from the German-speaking countries. International flair and German organizational skills - these were the International Wilson Senior Open from 2nd to 8th of April 2017 at Ali Bey Club Manavgat.

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